If you’ve been considering cosmetic surgery or dentistry, your research has more than likely left you feeling both excited and reluctant at the same time. The idea of getting that work done that you’ve always wanted and started fresh with a brand new you is exhilarating. Nothing is better than heading out the door in the morning feeling confident and proud in your body.

It’s incredible what having that little bit of extra confidence can do for your day-to-day life in your professional and personal interactions. People are drawn to and listen to those who exude confidence. It’s understandable why you would be looking into cosmetic surgery. After all, why shouldn’t this be you, and why shouldn’t you treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting.

While you’ve been poring over the costs for different procedures, you’ve probably had to stop yourself from spitting your coffee out all over your computer at the absolutely insane price tags attached to any one of them. It’s no secret that getting anything done in America is notoriously expensive, and the simplest of procedures can run into the thousands of dollars.


Medical tourism in Turkey is your answer to these problems. More and more people have turned their search abroad to avoid the highway robbery going on in the states. You shouldn’t have to break the bank just to get a medical procedure done that will make you happy. This is why the medical tourism industry has seen a dramatic rise year after year. People are discovering that by going overseas, they can save money without having to sacrifice anything on the quality of care.

Medical tourism in Europe, and more specifically, medical tourism in Turkey, has been one of the pack leaders in areas seeing the most growth and for a good reason. Turkey has a fantastic standard of care with countless specialty clinics that enjoy consistently high ratings and praise from patients.

The best part of plastic surgery in Turkey and cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is that you can get your procedure done at one of their fantastic hospitals for a fraction of the price. You can pay for your plane ticket, food, lodging, and the procedure and still only end up paying a fraction of what you would have paid if you had stayed home or gotten your procedure done somewhere else in the States. An additional benefit is that you get to visit and spend a bit of time recovering in one of the most incredible and exciting cities in the world, Istanbul.


Here are some of the top aesthetic procedures in Turkey and the savings you could enjoy.


Hair Transplant – Save Up To 80%

With hair transplants in Turkey, the most widely used hair transplant method is the FUE procedure or Follicular Unit Extraction. This has quickly become the go-to method for hair transplant as you get a more natural look and avoid scarring due to the surgeon removing and implanting individual single hair grafts, as opposed to cutting off and inserting a large section of the scalp. In the USA, you can pay around $15,000, but with hair transplants in Turkey, you can pay as low as $2,000. Not a bad price for getting to walk around with your new-found full head of hair.

Wrinkle Treatment (Filler) – Save Up To 44%

Most clinics in Turkey offer a variety of wrinkle treatments like peeling, lasers, and Botox, but to give you an idea of the savings that you can achieve, you would only pay an average of $387 with the medical tourism in Turkey prices versus $682 in America for a Hyaluronic Acid Injection (filler). A Hyaluronic Acid Injection makes for a great filler as the results are immediate and still act over a long period of time. With savings like that, you could have a few skin treatments for the price of one in the states!

Breast Implants – Save Up To 36%

Breast augmentation is a procedure many women turn to enlarge breasts that are smaller than they would like or to restore the breast’s size and shape after pregnancy, surgery, or dramatic weight loss. Like everywhere else, patients can choose between saline, silicone, or alternative composite implants with breast augmentation in Turkey while paying as low as $2,464 in comparison to America’s average of $3,824, giving you a 36% saving.

Breast Reduction – Save Up To 56%

Women who are experiencing neck and back pain, skin irritation, or posture problems due to large, heavy breasts, or who don’t like the look of large breasts, might find it necessary to consider breast reduction surgery. No one should have to walk around with a sore back every day! In Turkey, where the procedure can be found for $2,492, you will save over half the cost you would pay in the states, where the same procedure is often billed at $5,680.

Breast Lift – Save Up To 40%

With a breast lift, excess skin is removed, and the tissue is then reshaped and lifted to raise the breast. Women who undergo this procedure often do so to restore the original breast shape after weight loss or pregnancy or if they are bothered by saggy breasts or nipples that point downwards and want a little confidence boost. This procedure can be found in Turkey for as low as $2,869, whereas in the states, you will be paying around $4,816.

Rhinoplasty – Save Up To 56%

The rhinoplasty, or “nose job,” is one of the most common types of plastic surgeries. With the rhinoplasty, nose bone or cartilage is modified, and the procedure is undergone for a variety of reasons. This is a go-to for many who want a fresh new look. Also, those who suffer from breathing difficulties or whose nose has been injured benefit significantly from this. Costs average out to around $5,350 in the states, and with the medical tourism in Turkey prices, you get it as low as $2,348.

Facelift – Save Up To 71%

A facelift is an incredibly popular surgery for people who want to give themselves a more youthful or fresh look. This procedure is done by making a series of small incisions around the area of the ear where the surgeon then lifts the skin of the deeper facial muscles and fat and gently pulls the skin upwards, removing excess skin. After the work is done, you generally get to go home the same day with tighter skin around the jawline, mouth, and eyes. At a 71% saving, $2,217 in Turkey versus $7,655 in America, the facelift tops the savings list in the cosmetic surgery category.


Dental Implants – Save Up To 82%

Dental implants are wonderful not only for aesthetic purposes but for serious health reasons as well. Leaving large, empty spaces in your mouth where a tooth used to be will contribute significantly to jawbone, gum, and teeth deterioration. Dental implants go a long way in helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss, making your entire mouth a much healthier environment. Also, who wants gaps in their smile when the problem can be fixed so cheaply if you know where to go? In Turkey, you can correct the problem for as little as $360 a tooth, whereas in America the average is a whopping $2,000 per tooth.

Veneers – Save Up To 73%

If you’re unhappy with your smile, veneers might be the way to go. Whether you are wanting to fix slightly crooked teeth and don’t want to go through the hassle of braces again or you aren’t happy with discolored teeth, veneers are an excellent fix. They are also fantastic for covering up chipped teeth that you don’t want to put on display every time you smile. At a 73% discount of $166 in Istanbul versus a staggering average of $1,000 in America per tooth for porcelain veneers, it’s clear where you should get them done when you start counting up your teeth!

Teeth Whitening – Save Up To 79%

The reasons for good teeth whitening are many. Maybe you’re getting ready for that job interview or special occasion. The effects of aging or those few unfortunate years of smoking might have taken their toll on your pearly whites. Flash that new smile of yours around Istanbul for only $166 instead of staying home and paying $650.

Bridges – Save Up To 80%

If you require a tooth replacement but are looking for something a little easier on the pocketbook than dental implants, bridges are a way to go. For $176 a tooth compared to the U.S. average of $850, you still get to avoid the most common problems associated with teeth gaps. At prices like these, there isn’t a reason you should have to deal with shifting teeth and the accompanying headaches.


As you can see, the benefits you get from medical tourism in Europe are huge, and the hospitals and clinics of Turkey that cater to medical tourists are fantastic. The entire business model of plastic surgery in Turkey and Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey rests on quality patient care that leaves people not only want to come back but go out of their way to give their hospitals excellent ratings. They wouldn’t have an industry if patients didn’t walk away with more money in their pocket than they had expected and having had a procedure that they are overjoyed with.

Take advantage of medical tourism in Turkey where for the same price of a procedure back home, you could take a trip to a beautiful new city, pay for the surgery, food, and lodging, and still have plenty of money leftover. Having a chance to see the historical architecture of Istanbul, bustling grand bazaar, and awe-inspiring ancient roman ruins scattered throughout the city is another incredible benefit.

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